How to apply Transcript from Mumbai University

1. Take color xerox of X no. of copies you want to get attested. Also have A4 size brown cover for each copies ready and do write the universities address for which you wish to apply (If you have not finalized your university just enter any random university address because it is mandatory to have university address ) on the top of the attestation cover.

2. Go to the university office located at churchgate.

3. At First Floor, you have a room where the attestation work is done.

4. Just enter inside and ask for attestation form. (This form shall have token no. written so don’t download the form from website.)

5. Now, after waiting for a while (Since the office is open from 10.30 am to 1.30pm & they take around 40 tokens a day so your turn should be quick), show your xerox copy and original copy to the officer. The officer will verify and calculate your total cost. Pay the amount & collect the receipt.

6. After a week, visit the office again and collect your copies.

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